asked Apr 28 '16 at 05:25 by pylon93 (11)

I'm not able to get Bitwig to interface with the recording of my USB mixer. Driver is installed and enabled. What are the proper input setting in Bitwig's I/O to record input from my mixer?

Would help to know the type and model of your device. If your mixer drivers are properly installed, under preferences/audio you would select your preferred audio driver type, then select the device in the second drop down just below that.

Below on the same menu you will see the input busses and output busses, ensure that the checkmarks showing represent the number of inputs and outputs your mixer has. Checkmark the appropriate input device numbers as your mixer has inputs and same for output and you should be set. ie, if your mixer has 8 inputs and only two inputs have been checkmarked then add checkmarks to inputs 3-8. Same would apply to outputs.

If your mixer has midi capability for knobs and faders and can send midi or receive midi you will want to go to the controller section and add the device there as well, if it is not a device in the list you can add a generic controller, or create a new controller script to get midi send and receive to and from the mixer for input/output of your faders and knobs etc. There is a section on controllers in the support page of the website and a tutorial to create scripts or edit for hardware not already listed. You will want to refer to your mixers manual for midi settings etc.

Bitwig should detect it, if it does not work try reinstalling your drivers. Double check your firmware and drivers, update if needed. Disconnect the USB and reconnect, ensure your OS shows the device in your system devices settings and that it is functioning.

Example, select driver model type ie. Asio, select device which in my case is USB Audient Asio Device. If any of that fails you could submit a support ticket to BWS for help. Or, RTM.


answered Apr 28 '16 at 10:46 by LFO (50)

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