asked Apr 30 '16 at 21:48 by p8guitar (20)

this may be a stupid question, because I'm new to Bitwig, but I'll ask it anyway...: I added an audio file that contains exactly one measure of a drum rhythm to a track by dragging it from the Finder to the track. This file was bounced in Ableton Live with 103 bpm and I added this file in a Bitwig project which runs at 103 bpm, too. Why is the length of the clip It should be exactly 1 measure. When I add this audio file to ableton live, it's length is one measure and it runs perfectly with the metronome. In Bitwig I have to move the stretch handle of the clip to set it back to the right length.

Hi, I tried the same thing but could not reproduce your problem.

I made a drum loop in Ableton live, frozed it and noticed there was a tail (the end of the last kick drum in my case). As the tail is outside the loop area, the playback loops perfectly but the whole sample actually includes the tail. So if I import the sample as-is, I get a non-looping sample that exceeds the measure length.

First, make sure you don't export any tail - to do so, consolidate the loop after freezing your clip.

Second, I would check the inspector panel to see if the audio clip is in Stretch or Raw mode and use raw, if the BPM matches in both software.


answered May 01 '16 at 11:12 by pakunoda (966)

Ok, I found the reason. Very embarrassing, but I chose the wrong file - it's original tempo was 100 bpm, not 103. Bitwig did nothing wrong...


answered May 01 '16 at 13:08 by p8guitar (20)

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