asked May 10 '16 at 00:15 by norv (11)

Is it possible to add a text file in such a way that it is searchable by Bitwig's browser? I have a number of old sample CDs that I have ripped to my filesystem. The CD tracks are simply numbered 1-99. The info regarding each track eg. "Djembe, close mic" is contained in the CD liner notes, which I have photographed, and can convert to text using Microsoft's OneNote OCR feature. Is there a way I can add the text file to Bitwig's browser, so when I type "djembe" into Bitwig's search engine, it alerts me to the text file containing the word "djembe"? Thanks for Bitwig!

You can rename files easily, provided you can OCR the filenames properly - that might be easier way than what you asked for.

  1. OCR the filenames and edit them into one text file, one line per filename
  2. Download free software Lupas Rename
  3. In Lupas Rename click in the top bar "Show text editor" and copy / paste the filenames from OCR'ed text
  4. In Lupas Rename, open the folder with the files and select them
  5. Down, in name tabe, right click and select "Data from external file: insert line from text editor"
  6. Click rename

answered May 10 '16 at 11:16 by Cravat (31)

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