asked May 20 '16 at 10:26 by buendner (31)

Is ist possible to compile a small Version of Bitwig on a Raspberry PI it would be great to have a good daw on a small device. It would be great if I can have an API for building my own Controllers and can integrate this in pieces of Art...

What about Exatech Exagear for X86 on Pi

This is a layer that converts ARM code to X86 code (effectively). I noticed the specs on Linux are 2GB Ram. I have Pi 3B with 1 GB. a 32GB flash drive, and of course it's 4 core running at 1 Ghz.

Do you have any sort of lite version that could at least be a host and sequencer, that maybe has a few soft synths.

I am working on putting together a PI version for students. I have a music school with a lot of current gear. This would give students a way to get into it and hopefully motivate them, to get the pro version eventually.

You may think about this as a way to get BitWig to a larger audience. Windows 10 runs on Pi, but is limited, eventually they may be a good solution. You have lots of competition, perhaps this is a way to set yourself apart.


answered Jun 09 '16 at 00:20 by jbarbeau (31)

I Think this is too big for an emulator, you will have to recompile it on either a crosscompiler or an native Arm compiler,

The argument it is impossible would be only valid if you progammed it on a x86 assembler, this is nowadays quite uncommon. I am not into your software Architecture but in my opinion it is a matter of effort.

But Arm could be nice, think of Chromebooks, IOS and Android Devices and others these are playing big roles.

I thought of Mathematica, these guys sell the big software on PC and give it away on the Pi to catch the young engineers ;-) It is a clever invest


answered Jun 09 '16 at 09:56 by buendner (31)

Quite an old question but I think it has never been so relevant and that it could be a clever move to have bitwig available on ARM... Apple might be moving to ARM architecture for its MacBooks, Windows is looking at this technology too, Linux is already ARM friendly... And yes allowing Bitwig to run on Raspberry could open the door to "Homade portable Bitwig machines" ... which I would love to see (and own of course) !


answered Jun 28 '19 at 12:04 by pitrackster (21)

I get that this is extra dev resource you maybe don't have, but this would be really cool for creating hw instruments, especially with the introduction of the grid and the comprehensive controller API.

Plus the new Pi is way more powerful.

Reaper has an ARM version, so it can be done even with a small team (currently two)


answered Aug 17 '19 at 12:21 by Travesty (21)

Not possible. The reason it works across OS's is because all 3 major OS's (Linux, Mac, Windows) run on x86 processor architecture. Raspberry PI runs on an ARM processor architecture and thus is why bitwig cannot run on it.


answered May 29 '16 at 07:27 by pheelter (21)

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