asked May 23 '16 at 23:56 by maverelli (56)

I hope I am missing something obvious and someone can enlighten me:-

How do I set the project tempo to match the length of an audio part??

E.g. I have dragged in an audio part, and I want to base the project tempo on the exact length of the audio part.

The bitwig tempo prediction thing is usually way off.... so with audio 'raw' I just need to set the project tempo to match the lengh of the audio file I have dragged in.

Any help appreciated!

This is my question too. Did you ever find a solution? I make my own guitar loops, trim the loop, and want Bitwig to adjust the project to the length of the region. In Logic this is a simple 1 step key command: "Adjust Tempo using Region Length". Does Bitwig have anything equivalent?


answered Feb 06 '17 at 01:47 by jeflear (21)

Anyone found an answer to this yet? Just want to detect project tempo from a two bar loop. The only way I've found how to do it is manually, by cutting out a 2 bar loop, putting it in the beginning of a bar and adjusting the tempo until i see it sits on two bars. Bitwig really needs a function for this!


answered Sep 08 '17 at 04:21 by SJames (41)

edited Sep 08 '17 at 04:36

first find your exact audio part tempo then its so important to set the bitwig tempo to your exact audio part tempo before adding it.... then add your audio in RAW and bounce it(right click on your audio and bounce and choose pre-fader) and use the bounced one and delete the one that u added...remember before bouncing u must delete any gap that may be at the start of your audio(if there is any) then add your this way your audio tempo and bitwig tempo are matched and after this steps what ever you add to this project will be the same tempo as your audio part is...and if you change the tempo of your project,it will affect everything together... just do it step by step, it works for me.

good luck


answered Jul 15 '16 at 15:32 by bahramnaseri (7)

edited Jul 15 '16 at 15:46

@SJames There is no detect tempo function. I have a workaround: it involves sizing the container to the loop range, bouncing that (so it crops to just the audio you want), make the container 4 bars (or however many bars your loop is), then finally adjust the tempo until the audio "fills in" the container.

Here is a YouTube video of how I do it:


answered Sep 08 '17 at 05:27 by jeflear (21)

I also would love to see this as a way of working with audio. Currently it is very tedious and unintuitive for working with audio clips that are in a free tempo. The terrible implementation of raw audio in Live was originally why I made the jump to Bitwig, but it still a hassle.


answered Dec 05 '19 at 20:09 by optimysterie (23)

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