asked May 25 '16 at 22:04 by Violettecase (21)

I get the following message trying to connect the audio engine in bitwig at the same time as i play music through Groove Music(default audio playback software in windows 10):

Device sample rate coult not be changed because the following applications are playing audio: audiodg.exe

If i turn Groove Music off and try again. It works normally. This is not a huge problem but sometimes it is annoying. I often listen to music so :).

Windows 10

Bitwig 1.3.9

Focusrite Forte

Sample rate (in bitwig preferences): 96000Hz

Help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!


What i did was i went into control panel. Sound. Then found my audio device (focusrite forte) and went into properties/advanced. In there i changed the sample rate to match my settings in bitwig preferences (96000Hz). Now i can play both at the same time.


answered May 26 '16 at 00:52 by Violettecase (21)

I Created an account just to upvote Violettecas's answer! THANK YOU


answered Oct 21 '16 at 21:59 by Mattssok (11)

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