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I have bought a Seaboard Rise 49. In the package was Bitwig 8-Track. Fine. A new DAW, a DAW with a hopeful concept. But my Bitwig fails. The GUI is without the graphic symbols on the buttons. So no one can see, that there is a button. But in Demo-Videos I see, there must be a button! With Mouse Over I have to search the text, which declares the function of every button. I would like to show you a picture. But Bitwig says, my picture has to less karma... I never read, what is a karma for a picture. Therefore here is the link to the picture: (Please copy the link).

If I connect the Seaboard, everything is alright. But if I connect the Axiom Air61 from M-Audio nothing happens. Next trial the keyboard plays - I am happy. But at the nex trial, nothing happens again. I bougt the Seaboard to get a playground. But... and now is the time over, to upgrade from Bitwig 8-Track to the full version in the offered May-Action!

I have read, that more users have the problem with the keyboard-registration. But I didn't find an article, which describes the missing thumbnails in the GUI. Who knows solutions of these problems? Thank you for your answer!

Now I have installed the test-version of Bitwig-Studio 13.10 on my Windows-7-PC - and there was everything okay. Therefore I installed the test-version on my PC with Windows 8.1 - and as before with Bitwig 8-Track no graphic symbols on the buttons in the GUI. What can be the reason? There is no additional firewall.

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