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I am trying to get the Roland System-1 VST plugin, in combination with a physical System-1, to work from within Bitwig on Windows 7.

The VST installs and works fine (for a while) but to be able to register the "Options" key needs to be pressed and from within a drop down box you should be able to select a registration option.

Unfortunately, nothing happens when I press the "Options" button. The VST is fully functional, but as it is not registered entirely useless.

Does anyone have any experience with Roland plugins and their registration method? As far as I can see it uses an Abobe Air application to do the registration....

Thanks for any help / feedback or whatever comments ;-)


I managed to get the System-1 plugin to work first through the Blue Cat Patchworks VST host. But sometime after release 1.3.11 (or was it 1.3.12 I am not sure) the System-1 plugin (VST2 format) started working directly into Bitwig. This is on Windows 7, installing the Roland System-1 VST2 plugin into : C:\Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins\Roland (the default location).



answered Sep 29 '16 at 18:07 by ghavinga (11)

Aira System-1? I've got one, I'll check if I can get it to work.

Is the option key the physical one on the hardware? if so it may just be the script. will check for you. Next time you use it,

goto view and then controller script monitor, then click on the Aira script and see if any error messages come up.

I'll patch mine through Usb and and check with a custom script that it sends it.


answered Sep 30 '16 at 06:59 by rewird (46)

Yes it is the Roland Aira System-1.

My physical System-1 doesn't have an option key .... The one I meant was the VST plugin that you can purchase from Roland for a discount as physical System-1 owner. I tried to attach picture but apparently I do not have enough Karma yet ..... need to re-incarnate a few more times I presume ;-).

Anyway this discussion is moot now, the Roland VST plugin for the System-1 works very well indeed from within Bitwig on Windows 7.




answered Sep 30 '16 at 08:14 by ghavinga (11)

Ah yeah, i have the keyboard one and it has an option key, thats probs why haha could've just found the CC# and channel and manually sent a confirmation as a work around.

all the best


answered Oct 02 '16 at 08:27 by rewird (46)

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