asked Jun 09 '16 at 18:55 by newman (156)

Whenever I bounce something from MIDI or from the Sampler to an Audio track, the volume is always really low and I have to open the audio editor and boost the gain up by a lot.

Is that normal? Is there a way to bounce it at the post-fader volume accurately?

Maybe a silly question but are you making sure the signal is loud enough before bouncing? Also, do you select Post- or Pre-fader when bouncing?

  — (Jun 20 '16 at 13:49) fredrik

I believe the answer is that the default track audio gain is set to -10db. In preferences you can set this to 0 db and it will record at exactly the same level. HOWEVER, I really like the -10db default setting and understand why it is preferable, but wish there could be an independent default gain for exported or recorded audio. This way, the track could stay at -10db and the exported or recorded audio would play back at the expected volume. That's wouldn't be hard to incorporate right?

I've been frustrated by this for a long time as well.


answered Dec 04 '16 at 22:02 by bbarker3 (246)

If you bounce PRE fader then track gain won't matter.

  — (Dec 05 '16 at 10:21) fredrik

Same here. The exported audio is much lower in volume compared to when played back in the DAW. Why? Anybody? Also, I re-imported the exported audio and it played back much slower. Maybe a change in the sample-rate? Very frustrating I have to say. Answers, please?


answered Oct 28 '16 at 21:45 by Alex_111 (11)

As for the second problem: Just found out I had to set the MODE of the AUDIO EVENT to RAW, after(!) dragging it into the project. Why is this set to STRETCHED and how can I change that preset?

  — (Oct 28 '16 at 22:10) Alex_111

You can change this in Preferences > General - "Use Raw audio if sample is..." If you set Longer than 00:00:00 then all audio will be treated as raw.

  — (Dec 05 '16 at 10:20) fredrik

i still have this problem even with bouncing pre fader its makes little difference the exported audio level is still very low - any other suggestions ?



answered Jun 09 '17 at 11:03 by grayster100 (11)

I also have similar problems with fades and Bounce/Bounce in place The resulting audio is not identical to the source I already tried to Consolidate before Bounce but this ignores the fades


Let's make Bitwig great


answered Jan 12 '18 at 00:16 by usainicola (11)

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