asked Jun 24 '16 at 17:22 by Lexicon (41)

Hi. After starting Bitwig Studio there is no sound output from it. I last used it a while ago and the output was fine, but I think there have been system updates since then. Currently, my Ubuntu version is 14.04.4 and its kernel version is 4.2.0-38-generic. I can't remember which versions were present when Bitwig ran without this problem.

JACK is running. Bitwig seems to connect to JACK and does not emit any errors, then, when I play notes, such as when using the build in MIDI keyboard, the volume bar responds, but no sound is produced. If I try using ALSA (device: HDA Intel PCH), Bitwig gives the error: snd_pcm_open("hw:0"): Device or resource busy.

Can you help? The rest of the system produces sound.

Same error here. Seems alsa can't open the audio device because it's being used. It should be possible to use OSS instead of ALSA but I see there is not such an option.

Try this configuration file as $HOME/.asoundrc:

pcm_slave.slavej {
  pcm "hw:0"
  channels 2
  rate 44100
pcm.plugj {
  type plug
  slave slavej

Worked for me


answered Jun 08 '17 at 16:37 by Bababis (11)

edited Jun 08 '17 at 16:44

Getting this now 100% of time on 3.1.2 demo on Arch linux with Pulseaudio + Alsa (no JACK). The .asoundrc method hasn't worked for me yet. I closed all my other applications that might be using ALSA, e.g. Chrome, Zoom etc.

Previously it was working hit or miss and now it 100% fails even after application restarts and system restarts. I was really enjoying tinkering with the demo too!


answered Mar 06 at 19:23 by ElijahLynn (11)

edited Mar 06 at 19:27

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