asked Jul 09 '16 at 11:08 by decay (73)

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Hey Guys, i wanted so setup something like the guy in this Video:

Basically all i want is to send the Audio Signals from my different audio tracks to SPANs different Input Busses - just like the video shows in Ableton.

But, being not the fittest in Routing, i dont get it done. Maybe anyone can help me? Pretty Please? :)

Its possible to analyze two tracks in Span,

First add the extra channels in Span via the multi out chain selector

alt text

Then send track 1 to span & in Span choose the sidechain input as track 2

alt text

Then in span choose the routing for 3 & 4 as E & F,then choose the underlay as 2

alt text


answered Jul 11 '16 at 20:56 by OnsnO (61)

edited Jul 11 '16 at 22:09

nice workaround! great answer with the gifs, i'm impressed and gave you some award points!


answered Jul 11 '16 at 22:14 by decay (73)

"Signal will be sent to the second stereo pair of the plug-in (channel 3/4)." Is there a way to route more than 2 inputs into a plugin? I need to route multiple tracks to multiple channels of a plugin.


answered Nov 01 '16 at 22:42 by borealis (11)


Not possible at the moment,we need Bitwig to open up more side-chain options for plugins so it would be possible to receive the signal on 5/6,7/8 etc


answered Nov 01 '16 at 23:14 by OnsnO (61)

I´m hitting this limit as well: Trying to get a Mobius Looper setup in Bitwig. The lack of VST input routing flexibility makes it impossible to route 3 tracks into it... That would be pretty cool.


answered Oct 02 '17 at 11:07 by Mathieu_Pe_Music (70)

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