asked Jul 10 '16 at 07:52 by cdwoo (11)

According to the FAQ, I need an official copy of my current registered curriculum in order to verify my student status, but I'm not quite sure what that means. Could anyone specify?

You just need something that identifies you as a student. It could be your schedule, or a school ID. Just something that proves you go to an institute of higher learning.


answered Jan 13 '18 at 00:52 by Jengamon (33)

Hi, I can't verify my student status and upgrade to Bitwig Studio 3 license (I'm currently using Bitwig Studio 2). I was lucky to get Bitwig Studio 2 as a Beatport contest winner. Now do I have to pay the full price for the student upgrade?

EDU upgrade on Bitwig 2 upgrade price > no answer > asked via college essay help


answered Apr 30 at 07:24 by Albrechts (11)

edited Apr 30 at 07:25

Thank you a lot for sharing the information! I finally could solve all the win money apps issues. The whole our team is highly appreciate.


answered May 10 at 14:58 by MaxDawson (11)

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