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Most of the time when I load up bitwig an excessive amount of swap is being used according to rainmeter (an application that can check swap, ram, CPU usage etc.) It get ups to around 90 to 100%. It uses so much that other applications have to close and my screen freezes and the only way to regain control is by tuning off and on my computer with my power button. The only times it didn't do this is when as soon as my PC turns on I have to close all other applications using task manger and then I open bitwig and change the audio drivers randomly (I don't know why I did this to begin with but for some reason it worked). I am running windows 10 and I have 16 gigabytes of ram.

Update: Bitwig seems to stop using so much swap when I turn on my PC, load up Bitwig, restart my PC, and then load up Bitwig again. This is still very time consuming and annoying please help.


new fix: i can use asio in bitwig without any memory problems if i exit rainmeter before opening bitwig.

  — (Nov 06 '17 at 00:34) Dirt

Okay I think I figured out the problem. I uninstalled ASIO (the driver I was using before), and I am now using the default driver. I think the problem was that ASIO was causing memory leaks which would explain why restarting my computer fixed it and why my swap would still be used even when I closed Bitwig. I have read about other people having this problem with ASIO. The only reason I was using ASIO was because in a program called sunvox is reduced input lag, but in Bitwig the default drivers don't seem to have any noticeable input lag compared to ASIO. If someone would help me find out why ASIO is causing memory leaks and how to prevent it I would really appreciate it.


answered Jul 14 '16 at 23:26 by Dirt (41)

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ASIO drivers are usually specific to the audio-interface that you are using - unless you are using some thing like ASIO-for-all. Normally you should always use the ASIO driver provided by the audio-interface manufacturer. This has always worked for me. I've not heard about swap-space usage or memory leaks being assiociated with ASIO. What audio interface do you use?


answered Nov 06 '17 at 15:30 by djx (315)

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