asked Jul 19 '16 at 22:37 by Psychonot (11)

I have been having a lot of problems with Analog Lab 2 since I started using it however thankfully most of these problems were taken care of by upgrading my outdated Mac OS system. I am now running Capitan and only one problem has remained.

It seems that when I leave projects and come back to them Analog Lab 2 has a habit of losing track of what sample was used and reverts to a default light/airy one instead. I have been using save and collect so all the files should be there but no extra files a showing up in the project folder. I have three different channels on the project and all of them are not showing up "collected" in the project files.

I see there is a way to reference a certain file within Analog Lab which solves it temporarily but I would still like to know what is going on.


I guess that by "sample" you mean "preset" (Analog Lab is a soft synth, not a sample player). I ran into this problem, I cannot explain why, and I tried this:

  • saving the current state as Bitwig preset
  • saving the current state as an Analog lab user preset (what you call "files within")

I prefer the second option as I can recall the preset in another DAW. If you intend to work in Bitwig only, maybe the first option will be more solid though.


answered Jul 21 '16 at 11:32 by pakunoda (966)

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Yeah sorry, I am teh noob. Did you have to do the second option for each project or just one preset?

  — (Jul 22 '16 at 05:30) Psychonot
  • if your projects use differents sounds each time, then you will have to save presets each time.

  • write down in Bitwig project info the name of the presets in use, or name the track after the preset.

  • You can combine both preset system. For your Bitwig work, I advise Bitwig presets because if you ever tweak AL in the middle of your session, and you can't remember the sound name or exact parameter... it will be time consuming to recover it.

Another future-proof solution can be bouncing clips to audio when you're sure you won't change anything.

  — (Jul 28 '16 at 12:20) pakunoda

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