asked May 31 '14 at 11:58 by houseboy (0)

I have the demoversion 1.0.8 and i'm evaluating BW at the moment. Looks realy great for me.

Midi Input is working fine, but how do i route midi to my external synthesizers ? My Midi Out Interfaces are not showen in the controller setup, only the inputs. - It happens in Windows and also on Linux. Is it a limitation of BW 1.0.8 Demoversion ?

Thanks, Markus

Create an instrument track, then add a Hardware Instrument device (you'll find it under the category Routers). Through this device you can control your external gear.


answered Jun 02 '14 at 14:14 by fredrik (186)

cool, thanks ! - that worked...


answered Jun 03 '14 at 22:13 by houseboy (0)

I'm sorry; I'm a newbie, and I need to know what to do after I've created my Hardware Instrument.What should the settings be? What do I record on, the Instrument Track, or the Hardware Instrument? Which track can I run plug-ins on?


answered Jul 29 '16 at 16:35 by GoddessWild (21)

edited Jul 29 '16 at 16:35

(when all is plugged rightly)

i'm not pro, but what i usually make is :

1st- sending notes to external stuffs

2nd- i create an audio track with audio IN set to the soundcard IN corresponding to the synth audio jack TRS etc...

and i click records....

and this is were latency problems start on :-))))))))))))))))

u got to go in options & tweaks / test / tweaks etc... in loop... just to get the good RECORDING latency... (&appart if u got the good cheap cards lol...)

u must use 128 or 256 samples LATENCY (for recording ONE TRACK TO SAMPLE SO....) generally...

and to avoid 40 tracks clickings drops etc... u so put your soundcard latency to 512, 1024 (or 2048 samples) , for playing/editing or live (i think ?)...


also my cables (maybe two off 4 are very low quality..... not symetric or asymetric depebnding the synth...)

and so i get NOISE..... aaaaaaaargh....

thats why i prefer to put a template with all settled right (hard INs)..... and when my synth finishes playing notes my computer send to 'em, i let recording on for just some seconds... to apply a noise filters on this audio sample.... here i USE ACON DIGITAL suite which is perfect for what i'm doin .)

hope it helps.

EDIT: to go deeper in bitwig's commands, when u sampled your synth.... every "punch kicks" got an asset or...3 (let me see how they call this...)

right... it's called ONSET...

if your midi SYNTHs are not "phased" (on the beat) with the drum machiones off bitwig, u click your sample -> split at "ONSETS" (generally this works perfect lol no fail :o) ... and so u put firsts "lates samples/clips" to the end / in the loop and u put this sampkle clips FIRST ONSET to go on the 1.1.1 beat.....

good luck lol...

@houseboy TEST THE DEMO and KICK IT LOUD LOL (what i done &still doin ligitly..) HUH... !! (hey Mark', bws is good without groups too....) lol---------> ":-/ addicts" (^o^)

edit²: yoyo tells me to say "YO SECRET'RS"....... lol i dunno why he speak to LOUD ! lol annoying "yoyo" - (it go it comes it go .... it comes... and go... (in loop to...).....probly a kids toy again..... -)


answered Jul 29 '16 at 23:18 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

edited Jul 29 '16 at 23:46

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