asked Jul 30 '16 at 12:30 by ipf (23)

Hi, is it somehow possible to create a song in many clips, define how often a clip is played and export the result as wav file? I mean in the clip view from left to right, respecting the number of desired plays of a clip.

That's not hard to arrange in the Arrange page. You can just select all the clips in a row and cut and paste them, then adjust how much they loop. It's how I'll make songs. Fruity Loops, use to be like that, but even they have moved onto the arrange window style. It's a good flow to make a track really quick, but you can just hit RECORD and play the clips in that order and then export it too. Frankly copy and pasting would be quicker.


answered Aug 01 '16 at 21:42 by halphprice (36)

AFAIK no, there is no "counter" for clips, so you have to record it live or grab and drop your scenes onto the arrangement screen.

It could be handy, like an oldschool tracker. You can request it though, let's hope it will be taken in account.


answered Jul 30 '16 at 14:56 by pakunoda (966)

Ok, thanks. I really missed that feature an used Renoise for such things in the past. Would be really cool to have it integrated into Bitwig.

  — (Aug 07 '16 at 11:34) ipf

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