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I have an m-audio venom synthesizer, which is well known for having very few knobs on it's surface for controlling the synth in real-time. There's lots of things that exist under the hood, so too speak, which are only accessible via midi messages or their software editor.

There is a great utility for ableton live that allows me to control lots of the synth through a max-for-live plugin called venom control ( This person took the time to put all the possible midi controls into a neat little package for ableton live. My question is, could this be done in bitwig? Reading through the documentation and searching online, I've found nothing that talks about building a similar tool in bitwig. So, is it possible?

ctrlr is what you are looking for. I just qualified ctrlr generated synth editor VSTS of mine in bitwig. At first I wasn't sure if they were working but it was just me not quite knowing how to use bitwig yet (I just bought it last night)

Ctrlr allows you to author cross-platform synth editors either as a standalone application or as VSTs which can be run in any VST host application.


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That's probably the best option yet. I was hoping to avoid making a VST and somehow use a native tool in bitwig, but this will have to do for now. Thanks.

  — (Jun 24 '14 at 06:18) Fields

Let me add my thoughts as another user.

This would be huge. I would not bother opening plugin windows if this was possible. In fact, I've been thinking a lot about Reason vs all other DAWs recently because it really upsets me how all I do in most DAWs is keep opening and closing plugin windows all day long. I was wondering, why is it that in Reason you don't have to open and close windows all the time and still have to do it in all other DAWs?

I figured the answer is that Reason has a fixed device width on screen so they can keep all their devices open without having to manually open and close them. This is impossible with VSTs because they don't have a fixed width so you can't put them in a rack or any other fixed format.

However, it would be perfect if it was possible to do just what you described (as seen on the link you shared). I'd love to spend some time building custom device panels for each of the 3rd party instruments so that I can use them without opening the actual device window all the time.

This way all my 3rd party instruments and fx could show up with the most frequently used controls in the Bitwig device chain which would make me very productive. (I know about Macros and they are awesome but they solve a different problem.)


answered Jun 04 '14 at 14:19 by norbert (120)

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