asked Aug 01 '16 at 21:37 by halphprice (36)

That's not a big thing, but it can't be that hard to have a Loop Render function where it it will render the tail of the loop. MP3 would be nice too, but I know that's more of a hassle because of the rights for certain encoders and what not. Just need to figure out how to make different file name patterns. Still one of the best DAW out there. Loop and MP3 just help make quick tracks seamless and easily.

Thanks a bunch.

I needed something like this recently on a track with effects meaning I needed the 'tail'. I doubled the length of the bit I wanted to loop, bounced it, then used the second half of the bounced audio as my loop - would that work for you?


answered Aug 08 '16 at 18:19 by olimoth (52)

MP3 is a pure shit for idiots !

USE AIFF instead...... (it got SAME ID3 tags NAME - song title - label etc...)


MP3 add a 30ms (maybe) silence at both START & END of YOUR sample !!!!!!!!

take care.........

** in 200X when they Fraunhofer or i dunnowho sorted this szhitty compression format, i already reported'em this MAJOR ISSUE, and they paid ME 2 Technics SL-1210 MKII + Ecler SMAC-32 + Luxmannn HIFI AMPLI + 2xpair of CABASSE's..............

, and a suite at LAS VEGAS.....

broke,n the Cabasse highs, coz i did not know WE NEED A LIMITER through this chain............ (just before SAT)s... (generally they/we add +1 db on GAIN channel to make that lil disto u know to love...)


[DECKS] -> [MIX CONSOLE] -> (FX's) & -> [LIMITER] -> [AMP] -> [woofer & Sats)

some disco AMPS got a inside LIMITER to ACTIVate 0/1 (OR NOT for sub)


answered Aug 20 '16 at 03:55 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

edited Aug 20 '16 at 04:11

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