asked Aug 04 '16 at 20:15 by mholloway (161)

I'm having trouble doing something that seems like it should be simple: bouncing a file to audio in the Launcher, and then dragging that audio into a new Sampler instrument. (I realize there is a right-click menu option for creating a Drum Machine or Multisampler from an audio clip, but I want just a normal, one-sample Sampler, not a multisample).

If I bounce the audio on one track, then drop a Sampler in a new track, it's actual not possible to do drag-n-drop, as far as I can tell, because clicking on the audio clip automatically selects that channel, making the Sampler channel no longer visible. How do I simply drag an audio clip over to a different channel to put it in the sampler there?

Loading samples into Sampler is easy when using the regular browser and pop-up browser; but it should feel just as smooth and easy to load audio files from within the current session into Sampler as well. This is an important part of my workflow (in other DAWs, so I want to replicate it here): doing various sound design tasks, bouncing to audio, dragging that audio into a Sampler for chromatic playback. Somehow doing this basic sequence is proving very difficult BWS! Open to any and all help / suggestions. Thanks!

-Michael Does this resolve your issue? Am I misunderstanding what you're asking for?


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