asked Jun 04 '14 at 05:54 by dmitrivada (26)

Is it possible in Bitwig to record a live band? I'm new to DAW's and if this capability exists I'll purchase it right away.

I play around with guitar tracks in there at the moment. I can't see why you cant. If you have it the arrange view and run your audio tracks in record mode it would be like a pro tools setup in a way. Im trying to learn how to get my Guitar Rig VST running in Bitwig so i can get some great virtual sounds, since i dont currently own a good effect pedal setup.


answered Jun 04 '14 at 09:07 by GFISH (26)

Interesting. So have you yourself attempted any multitrack recording? Also while recording your guitar tracks were you able to monitor with effects while recording the input with out effects?

Thanks for any help you can offer!!


answered Jun 04 '14 at 19:51 by dmitrivada (26)

I've only tried single Guitar tracks and it came through well, the problem I have in my Guitar Rig effects wont come through cause I cant figure out how to make that work yet. Been Looking for an answer on VST importing, seems to be lots of people with issues too. Tonight I will try again and try and let you know


answered Jun 05 '14 at 10:20 by GFISH (26)

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