asked Aug 05 '16 at 11:01 by tarzaaan (11)


I'm haveing terribly distorted sound on my Input from my H4n inputs on my Windows 7 Notebook.

I'm using a Zoom H4n portable recorder via USB as an I/O-Device on Bitwig 8-Track (v. 1.3.12). It is connected internally via the newest Zoom ASIO-Driver (Version But it sounds the same when I use the generic ASIO driver.

Using the same portable Recorder with my Mac Mini (OSX 10.8.5.) or with Cubase LE on my Win7-machine is no problem at all!

I found this article on the web concerning noise on the H4n-Inputs: ...but it did not work for me :(

Is this a known problem? Does anyone here know how to fix it?

THX, Torge.

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I am having the same problem on windows 10 on a hp laptop with the h4n pro and h1. It works fine as a monitoring device bit when you try to record with the mics "only in bitwig" you get a horrible distorted noise. I would love to see this fixed, but it probably wont be fixed by bitwig. On the same computer, I dont have a problem with it in reaper with the h1, but havent tried it with the H4n


answered Aug 14 '17 at 11:48 by sweben53 (11)

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