asked Aug 08 '16 at 02:21 by RamZ (11)

I was working on a project in bitwig closed down my computer after saving it and when I got back on and I opened project it reads(Could not open project) Invalid meta data class name:null. I spent many hours on this project is there anyway to recover it???

just for "the voice in the night..." i would say, OH I DUNNO !

in past bitwig used to crash sometimes and there was still the user interface opened (even the audio engine crashed)


u sure ? cause maybe it is just a stupid plugin that make crash all your project.

(since last updates of bitwig... i cannot use anymore L1 64 bits..... obliged to disable it or to replace with 32 bits one....


in case, try to go in OPTION SETTINGS OF BBITWIG :

and set plugins to "32/64"............ (not each plugin, not "just a bridge"........)

edit: i mean bitwig there should have a automatic save project to restore... (i dont creazte sound actually, its summer i play lol)

(or every modifications to your sound u save "project" 1,2,3 to 10000.... (DONT FORGET TO DO BACKUPS, IT SAVES THE MOOD !!!!!!!!!)

for naming i sometimes have "my project name - 112 and a little comment after the file name... something like this :

"cool sound 103 - (putted a vinyl crackle at 4 AM.)..."

seriously, i cant help you for this ask or TICKET/EMAIL TO SUPPORT.................. (directly, i think its the best.... like a forumer i just cant know)


answered Aug 08 '16 at 02:40 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

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I was trying to install serum which I bought off splice on their payment plan and trying install this when this happened... I sent them e mail on the question.. How long does it take for them to respong.. Also do you know what a meta data even means?


answered Aug 08 '16 at 02:59 by RamZ (11)

did not know u can pay "serum" with "a plan" lol, i was closed to the house for 2-3 m:onths, and so paid at steve site... (170 kudos ~....)

for serum there general "questions" forum ... but if u registred user u got also access to "SERUM" forum, there u ask question or post shits made with it...

(from splice i had for free the "volume shaper 3" lol i put it at end of 4/4 , it make a "robot loop" touch'...... B)

YES ! for the meta data, it is for example :

when u take a photo with a phone, u see a "photo"....

META DATA are "infos" stored in the JPETG RAW file of your photo :

it says :

"taken with iphone 5S"


"flash on"


"taken at TOKYO"


so just infos....


like for DJ's :

u pay less for mp3 to have classified "ARTIST - TRACK NAME" u NOT pay "WAV FILE cause to hard to classify.... whren mixing with coimputers............

u PREFER "AIFF" format which is SAME quality as .WAV and it got "meta data" like the "ID3 tags" (meta data) off a mp3....

edit: i remember that for splice......... when i created 7 emails to get volume shaper 3 for free, i could download only this plugin from splice SITE : because in time they sorted volume shaper 4 and when i mailed the devs from cableguyz, they told me i can not upgrade from "cableguyz" site coz i got it from splice...

but for serum i think it's different : volume shaper is a "toy", wghile serum is a virtual instrument............

edit: for the DJ's stuff (AIFF) i not tried CD-TEXT yet, as i not mixed on pubs since 2012 lol (chosen to party instead of driving drunkd)

(ahahaha i was just looking for emails in the box)


answered Aug 08 '16 at 03:47 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

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Same thing happened to me. My PC crashed, due to a soundcard driver failure, after reboot I tried to open my last Bitwig project and now I get "Invalid meta data class name:null" error. I'm desperate. Please help me to restore this file: is it a very important song and I defenitiley can't recreateit from the beginning! Thank you!


answered Nov 23 '18 at 20:28 by afantino (11)

So, this just happened to me... though there was no indication of any problem. I was playing along with a template I had made, all fine, and I saved, shut it off and upon reopening the next day "Invalid meta data class..." This happened a few months ago, last week and now yesterday. It really makes me wary of using Bitwig for anything serious. I had Live from v4 to 9 and that never happened to me a single time. Bitwig's answer the first time was, "unfortunately this message means that the data is missing, so it is not possible to bring it back." There was nothing important in that file, but it pisses me off that at any time my work could go down the drain. I really like Bitwig, but they need to put some effort into stability.


answered Jun 30 '19 at 00:32 by zerocrossing (51)


In my personal experience that actually never happened for a stable release.

What I can suggest to you is to use a versioning system like git or svn.

That, in general, is a good way to save projects data for any program, any platform, any case..

Just my 2c.



answered Jun 30 '19 at 07:26 by fsciarra62 (890)

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