asked Aug 08 '16 at 02:21 by RamZ (11)

I was working on a project in bitwig closed down my computer after saving it and when I got back on and I opened project it reads(Could not open project) Invalid meta data class name:null. I spent many hours on this project is there anyway to recover it???

just for "the voice in the night..." i would say, OH I DUNNO !

in past bitwig used to crash sometimes and there was still the user interface opened (even the audio engine crashed)


u sure ? cause maybe it is just a stupid plugin that make crash all your project.

(since last updates of bitwig... i cannot use anymore L1 64 bits..... obliged to disable it or to replace with 32 bits one....


in case, try to go in OPTION SETTINGS OF BBITWIG :

and set plugins to "32/64"............ (not each plugin, not "just a bridge"........)

edit: i mean bitwig there should have a automatic save project to restore... (i dont creazte sound actually, its summer i play lol)

(or every modifications to your sound u save "project" 1,2,3 to 10000.... (DONT FORGET TO DO BACKUPS, IT SAVES THE MOOD !!!!!!!!!)

for naming i sometimes have "my project name - 112 and a little comment after the file name... something like this :

"cool sound 103 - (putted a vinyl crackle at 4 AM.)..."

seriously, i cant help you for this ask or TICKET/EMAIL TO SUPPORT.................. (directly, i think its the best.... like a forumer i just cant know)


answered Aug 08 '16 at 02:40 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

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I was trying to install serum which I bought off splice on their payment plan and trying install this when this happened... I sent them e mail on the question.. How long does it take for them to respong.. Also do you know what a meta data even means?


answered Aug 08 '16 at 02:59 by RamZ (11)

did not know u can pay "serum" with "a plan" lol, i was closed to the house for 2-3 m:onths, and so paid at steve site... (170 kudos ~....)

for serum there general "questions" forum ... but if u registred user u got also access to "SERUM" forum, there u ask question or post shits made with it...

(from splice i had for free the "volume shaper 3" lol i put it at end of 4/4 , it make a "robot loop" touch'...... B)

YES ! for the meta data, it is for example :

when u take a photo with a phone, u see a "photo"....

META DATA are "infos" stored in the JPETG RAW file of your photo :

it says :

"taken with iphone 5S"


"flash on"


"taken at TOKYO"


so just infos....


like for DJ's :

u pay less for mp3 to have classified "ARTIST - TRACK NAME" u NOT pay "WAV FILE cause to hard to classify.... whren mixing with coimputers............

u PREFER "AIFF" format which is SAME quality as .WAV and it got "meta data" like the "ID3 tags" (meta data) off a mp3....

edit: i remember that for splice......... when i created 7 emails to get volume shaper 3 for free, i could download only this plugin from splice SITE : because in time they sorted volume shaper 4 and when i mailed the devs from cableguyz, they told me i can not upgrade from "cableguyz" site coz i got it from splice...

but for serum i think it's different : volume shaper is a "toy", wghile serum is a virtual instrument............

edit: for the DJ's stuff (AIFF) i not tried CD-TEXT yet, as i not mixed on pubs since 2012 lol (chosen to party instead of driving drunkd)

(ahahaha i was just looking for emails in the box)


answered Aug 08 '16 at 03:47 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

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Same thing happened to me. My PC crashed, due to a soundcard driver failure, after reboot I tried to open my last Bitwig project and now I get "Invalid meta data class name:null" error. I'm desperate. Please help me to restore this file: is it a very important song and I defenitiley can't recreateit from the beginning! Thank you!


answered Nov 23 '18 at 20:28 by afantino (11)

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