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when using Bitwig and Nodal (A Node based Midi Sequencer) in Clock synced Slave Mode: I'm not able to use the incoming Midi usefull. Nodal is sending the different Voices split into Midi Channels 1-16 via the Virtual Midi Port of Nodal.

In Bitwig i can't choose or filter Midi Channels for Midi In. Why is this not possible? :)

Thank you, philipp

in cubase there finally built a MIDI FILTER on poreferences if i remember well....

but not this type of stuff yet here.


i think "most pointed dues" use the MIDI CC# that u can edit on midi part arranger...

otherwize i see no solutions.


answered Aug 09 '16 at 02:19 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

thank you. i'm just missing the normal midi channel input selector as in ableton, cubase, logic, etc


answered Aug 09 '16 at 02:32 by filipfug (32)

dunno but try "MIDI ox"...


answered Aug 09 '16 at 02:35 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

In Incoming Midi is perfect. Just Bitwigs User Interface need a Midi Channel Selector. Thanks.


answered Aug 09 '16 at 02:41 by filipfug (32)

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