asked Aug 12 '16 at 03:32 by studiojohnny (31)

First post. I just bought BitWig today. I am a long time Ableton Live user (and have used ProTools, Logic, Cubase, FL Studio, etc) but was attracted to BitWig by features like bounce-in-place and audio and midi on the same track. Incredible.

However, as I'm now putting together my first track in BitWig, it seems like there is not a way to record multiple takes. In Ableton Live, you just turn on looping and then record to your heart's content. Same with Logic, PT, etc. Surely I'm just missing something. This has to exist. It's like recording 101.

How do you record multiple takes for MIDI or audio in BitWig?

Loop recording is also available, with or without overdub. It is not similar as multiple takes though, and a workaround is explained in the KVR forum by Thomas Helze, using one of the post recording action available in the clip launcher:


answered Aug 16 '16 at 22:54 by pakunoda (966)

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Need this feature. Saw it was on the 'official' 'wishlist' in 2015 -- any chance of a release soon...? Hoped it would be in 2.0.


answered Mar 08 '17 at 11:31 by leegee (65)

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