asked Aug 13 '16 at 06:50 by LillyBee (2)

I have tried like everything to try to get sound playback to work on bitwig and nothing seems to be working. Is there a certain software that I have to install? I am using a ROLI seaboard and it works perfectly well and I can hear sound as I am recording, but playback sound I come up empty. I have tried fiddling with the preferences and setting it to speakers, headphones, as well as the two other settings. I tried to download the jack audio converter but that didn't work. I even tried suggestions that I saw on here but none of those worked. I am using a mac book pro and I have the latest software downloaded. Please help.

Can't understand. Do you get clips recorded? If so can you bounce it? What instrument do you play, the synth that comes with the Seaboard?

  — (Aug 14 '16 at 20:21) pakunoda

It now says that bitwig can't be opened I just downloaded the newest version and replaced it with the old. HELP!


answered Aug 13 '16 at 07:10 by LillyBee (2)

Update: I got it to open. Still can't hear any playback.


answered Aug 13 '16 at 07:52 by LillyBee (2)

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