asked Aug 18 '16 at 05:50 by Farrell (21)

When I push the play button on a sample in the browser, it would be nice for that section of the browser to have focus, so when I push the down arrow it cycles through the samples. At the moment the default is it cycles through the locations. I know the answer is to click on the sample before the play button, but one less mouse click would be better.

it does this automatically. all you have to do is actually scroll down with keyboard arrow.

whatever field your cursor is in (selection) you should be able to scroll with arrow keys


answered Aug 19 '16 at 06:33 by Feedback (11)

edited Aug 20 '16 at 14:09

Click on the top pane on a folder full of samples, then click only on the small play button on one of the samples. When you now push the down arrow on your keyboard, it will cycle through your folders and not your samples. Not the correct behaviour.

  — (Aug 20 '16 at 13:29) Farrell

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Asked: Aug 18 '16 at 05:50

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