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This is partly a question and partly a documentation for those struggling as well. How I expect it to work:

  1. Drap and drop WAV
  2. Play it and enjoy

How it actually works:

  1. Drag and drop WAV
  2. It appears speeded up to some weird speed (the clip is assumed to be 121.35bps in my today's test vs 135bps of the project)
  3. Highlight the WAV clip and change the speed to 135
  4. Now it plays with normal speed but it's cut where the end of the speeded up clip used to be
  5. An attempt to stretch the clip will result in a loop no matter how you try
  6. Highlight the track, disable "loop", then stretch the clip
  7. Now it plays like it plays in any other software

Was there a reason to make it so complicated? I'm pretty sure that number 121.35 does not come from any sources I could set, so it must be something Bitwig calculates?

change stretch algorithm to raw for wav files. bigwig detects transient information and attempts to sync with project tempo bpm. its best until you get a hang of the stretch algorithm and offsets to change the stretch algorithm to "Raw".

anymore questions let me know


answered Aug 19 '16 at 06:29 by Feedback (11)

How do I change it globally? I can change it for every file, but they I still have to disable "loop", otherwise it gets cut. Surprisingly enough, sometimes the "stretch" algorithm does the right thing..

  — (Aug 27 '16 at 13:45) divius

If Not Set to RAW You could go in the Loop Operator - You have to Set " Event " if you like to Get the lost material you should Drag to the side and you got the material. If Not able you can take Cut at the and but remember to Drag the Timeline too, if Set.It's better because you got the opportunity to pitch. In RAW Mode is this not able


answered Aug 30 '16 at 12:43 by Tonfabrik (40)

To make more permanent raw files see bitwig preferences. There's an option to set the minimum file length in smpte time format (real time). The more you adjust tgis setting the more options you have when engaging the stretch algorithm.


answered Aug 31 '16 at 14:13 by Feedback (11)

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answered Jun 27 at 06:53 by goalken (0)

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