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Hi :) I cant stress this enough,

there must be an option to make record arming tracks exlusive,

because, if i have an idea, i will make a new miditrack+instrument right away in arrangement view(left->right) and record my idea so i dont foget it. Then im very happy i did it. And then i realize that 30 tracks downwards there was an audiotrack/miditrack also selected from earlier and it overwrote the whole content of my track earlier, i just destroyed my track so if i want the overwriten part back i would have to press Ctrl+Z but this will destroy the idea i just recorded -.- dang deadlock :D

i bet many people having this problem :D

thank you :) ur awesome :)

Before you do Ctrl+Z drag the Clip to the browser on the right side. It will be saved there including instrument and effects. Then do your Ctrl+Z and I believe you will have your overwritten track back. And the track you now lost is in the browser under Favorites (I think).

Haven't tested this! Just an idea :-)


answered Mar 04 at 18:59 by LessLyrics (118)

There is an option for this ( haven’t tested but it’s there )

If you click on the midi mappings icon... map your button to a record button... If you look in the mappings window there is a drop down ( should say toggle arm ) If you click you will see an option for “toggle arm exclusive...

Not sure if it’ll do what you think but you can try it if you are unfamiliar.

The issue you will come across likely is that for some silly reason bitwig doesn’t receive a CC 0 ( off ) or Note off on the record, mute and solo buttons... meaning you can never trust the LED on your controller because it could be reversed. Such an oversight.

All other daws.. “CC off is off... CC on is on” Bitwig ... “CCoff is nothing ... CC on is off and on”

The interesting thing is the devices do an here to Off is Off and on is on.

Anyways hope this helps.


answered Mar 05 at 16:39 by AbleThought (31)

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