asked Aug 24 '16 at 23:16 by TheOne (21)

Hello Guys!

Is there a way to stop the midi signal after the VST? It is not possible to work with this daw as long as for example the midi signal passing through Xfer Serum (which it seems to do) is triggering very common effects like LFOTool or Glitch.

So if there is already a possibility to stop the signal please tell me how. If not pls do as fast as possible a very simple midi stop FX. That would be very very helpful.

Thank you Kind Regards Tobi

Is it able that Serum got an autoplay Function in the Settings ? The Midi Notes already trigger the synth. In Kontakt or Reaktor there are synths with this Option or Uvi Workstation for eample. When notes ending in the Track the synth shouldnt Play. i Hope it helps


answered Aug 30 '16 at 15:33 by Tonfabrik (40)

Think you will be able to do this easily using Bitwig's Note Filter. I use a 3rd-party MIDI VST which allows me to switch on/off all the different elements of MIDI as necessary, but if you only want to block the notes, then try: 1) Load the Note Filter device inbetween the instrument (like Serum) and effect (like LFO Tool).. 2) Change the top amount on Note Filter from 0 to 127... the amount underneath will already be set to 127, leave that as it is.

DONE! (probably, but try and see.)


answered Aug 31 '16 at 03:38 by Tankberg (11)

Thank you very much, at least that sounds like a working solution. I will try it tonight.

A Simple midi-stop plugin would be nice anyway ;)

  — (Aug 31 '16 at 17:14) TheOne

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