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Its time to improve the names for the same Function when layering Instruments. If i want to automate the Mute or Solo Button i can´t differ all MUTE´s for more than one Instrument. Because all Automations names "MUTE"

Alternate is adding a Tool for Volume in Signal-Chain.

But better to rename the Buttons with maybe a Number and the first 3 Letters?

  • Mute Baz1 (Mute-Button for uhe Bazille first Instance)
  • Mute Baz2 (Mute-Button for uhe Bazille second Instanz)

What u say?

With those 4 instruments it could be better to use the Output ( by Using polysynth or fm ). In the Uhe or other synth Cases u got the gain or a mixbutton in the Instrument Layer. I had an sutomation with two Instruments and Mute / solo easn't Used. In this Option you fade them. out and you got more Flexibilität.


answered Sep 08 '16 at 16:33 by Tonfabrik (40)

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