asked Sep 15 '16 at 06:47 by stephencclark95 (11)

Hello all! I'm new to Bitwig and love it so far but am hitting a few snags along the way. Im trying to record my Bass Station II into Bitwig as 'external hardware' but when i play it back it doesn't acknowledge the pitch wheel midi info. I can see it in the note editor window but when it comes to a part where there is pitch wheel MIDI info it doesn't play it back or affect the audio/midi at all. Help!! Sorry if what I'm saying is not clear, I'm not fluent in MIDI speak! yet....

Hi stephencclark95,

I had the same problem with my Prophet 5 :) Uncheck in the inspector (left top corner) convert pitch bend!

Have fun!! :)


answered Sep 24 '16 at 17:50 by klaasbijland (83)

Nope, taht didn't do it for me. Pitch bend is recorded correctly, but when I export it as audio it is a mess. It bends to the wrong tones at the wrong time. Does anybody know why? Thanks.

Another time it didn't record Pitch bend from any of my controllers (I use nektar LX 61 and Arturia Keylab 25), it just ignored that information completely, I had to set the pitch "bend" manually in the automation lane.

Using Win7 btw. 64 bit.


answered Oct 28 '16 at 21:49 by Alex_111 (11)

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