asked Sep 18 '16 at 09:20 by kazkazumisan (11)

Hi, I'm looking for a way to combine MIDI inputs. for example:

turning knob 1 = parameter X

holding button A + turning knob 1 = parameter Y

holding button B + turning knob 1 = parameter Z

is this possible in bitwig?

I was thinking i can change MIDI channels with the button, so "knob only" will be in channel 1 and "button+knob" will be in ch 2, but I dont know how map my controller in a way that would change midi channels on button presses.

So in a sense you would make use of modifier buttons to change which parameter a knob is assigned to? This does not exist currently in Bitwig Studio. But it's an interesting concept worth considering for the future.

  — (Sep 20 '16 at 09:46) fredrik

If there would be something like scripter from Logic/Mainstage, one could make your own Midi processing. A Device "Midi Script" with a scripting language like the one used for controler scripting could allow that. I guess the code is there already, but someone has to make a device out of it...


answered Jan 15 '18 at 11:33 by Tiedje (31)

Perhaps Bome's MIDI translator is the solution for you...


answered Jan 20 '18 at 09:01 by Veiss (97)

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