asked Sep 24 '16 at 11:20 by rpl (11)

Beginner here, please bear with me. I have an instrument track, with input set to Keyboard midi, and output set to Master. To the effect chain of the track I added a VST plugin (SampleTank CS).

When I play the keyboard, I can see a small indicator light triggering, and also I do get piano sound from the plugin to my headphones.

However, when I record a keyboard sequence, and then play back the instrument track, there's just silence. I would have expected that the recorded sequence drives the plugin the same way when playing in live mode.

SoundTank's window displays something like Part 1 CH 1 (out of 16 Parts) is the piano instrument. Maybe I need to attach the VST plugin's output somewhere explicitly?

Thank you.

When playing the VST with your MIDI keyboard and recording, the notes you play should be recorded to a note clip. Can you confirm that notes are recorded?

  — (Oct 11 '16 at 09:58) fredrik

Got it from this other answer at - you need to add an "Instrument Layer" device, and add the sampler inside that device.

Not obvious (maybe there could be a one-time popup for newcomers when dropping in a VST plugin that virtual devices should have this wrapper).

Also, the manual says the purpose of the Instrument Layer is to have parallel instruments. I'm not still not sure if this is really a requirement for a single instrument setup, or I'm just adding extra latency.


answered Sep 24 '16 at 16:34 by rpl (11)

Add an audio layer and route the Instrument to the Audio Layer, make sure record is set to arm (the red circle box thingo on the audio track). then hit record and jam away.


answered Sep 30 '16 at 07:03 by rewird (46)

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