asked Oct 05 '16 at 13:57 by rewird (46)

Good Evening;

I'm currently a fair way through making a dedicated controller script for DAW Control. The front end is using CTRLR as the others (Emultor, Usine etc) are way too heavy on CPU and GUI for my liking.

After trauling through as many articles and tutorials I could find for everything I have pieced together a rough version; however, i fell like there is a much more efficient way to get track names from bitwig.

Currently I'm using createMainTrackBank and then dumping that into an array which is called from CTRLR using a custom sySex Command.

What is the most efficient method too follow the bank selected? i.e you have 18 channels in bitwig and CTRLR has 10 faders each with own label. You would need 2 banks technically.

Anyone have any experience with this? Thank you

Interesting approach... And I guess a reply from Bitwig guys, if ever they have some time left ;-) ... would be to completely integrate ctrlr in a future update. What about a generalized option in audio channels allowing a ctrlr panel to be open, just like it was a plugin ? We could control the external synth, and get the sound through the same channel... Dealing with external midi devices is common in music life, sot why not rely on something already relateviliy well thought ? ctrl is open source, so it should be relatevily easy to inplement in bitwig... if ever :-)


answered Oct 24 '16 at 19:16 by Demeyer (21)

Well, CTRLR can be saved as a vet, same as older versions of using; issue is the features it loses and the efficiency when both are open.

For the issue; I worked it out using track bank and cursor track for the track selection. Ended up getting unlimited amount of tracks/banks able to send and receive the actual useful data i.e name, volume etc; and in a reasonably efficient manner also. The script is left highly customisable for anyone who creates there own controllers as well.

Ive started using bigwig on Win 10 x64 now with he touchscreen as well as my normal screen and the actual touch works quite well. Only issue is fader size and size of some buttons, so really next step for me is to scrap ctrlr and make a very efficient one from JUCE i think.


answered Oct 24 '16 at 23:41 by rewird (46)

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