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Hi there,

I'm trying to get the most out of the Behringer BCR2000 controller in Bitwig. I want to use all 32 encoders as CC parameters with Bitwig also sending the information back to the controller so i have total recall. I also want to link every preset (page) on BCR to a different midi channel so that i can have 32 X 16 encoders. When i use the BCR preset by Bitwig (a Sysex file that you can download from the site) Bitwig only recognizes 1 Midi Channel, the other channel just seem to control the same parameters as the ones on channel 1. Also in the Mapping Browser Pannel i'm unable to set the value to work withing a certain percentage.

When i use the BCR with the factory presets and as a manualy added controller (Generic Keyboard) i am able to set the value within a certain percentage and de CC's are detected and numbered properly BUT yet again only on Midi channel 1 and Bitwig doesn't send information to the BCR so: no recall. Which makes it pretty much useless. I've tried editing patches for the BCR In BC Manager haven't found properly working settings yet.

I also have a nektar LX49 with the, by Bitwig provided, firmware. Those encoders work fine but the keyboard only has 8 encoders so that's not enough. If only there was a way to make the BCR's encoder work like the ones on the LX49 on all 16 Midi Channels.

2015 15" macbook pro, el capitan, MOTU 828 MKII

I already spent many hours on this problem, if someone has an solution for this, i would be forever grateful!

I hope you get this. I have two BCR2000's myself and have been busting my butt for two days trying to find a way to use it in Bitwig that isn't their crappy preset template thing.

drop this file into your c:/Users/YOURNAME/My Documents/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts/User/ folder and it will create a new midi controller in the settings, the brand will say "TomsScripts" and the device will be called "GenericBCR2000". set the input and output to your BCR2000 hardware


this lets you map the BCR2000 knobs to any bitwig parameters, and it also sends data back to the BCR2000, making sure your hardware knob LED's always reflect what the device parameters are set to in the DAW, dynamically updating the knobs as you change presets, etc.

one goofy thing involving switching between different BCR presets/channels is that if you are on preset/channel 2, and you move knobs in your DAW mapped to preset/channel 1, it doesn't change your hardware LED position when you switch back to preset 1.

if you have multiple devices mapped to multiple channels, you'll have to re-open the project file one time per BCR preset, to initialize the hardware LED knob locations on each preset page, and even then, when you change a knob in your DAW, you must make sure your BCR is set to the correct preset if you want the knob position updated.

maybe there is a way to code a script so the knobs update across presets, but I don't know anything about coding scripts

edit: hm, looks like it's still not pulling data correctly upon project or preset load. there's a section in the script called "flush" that pulls the knob data from the DAW, it looks like we just have to change what triggers the refresh.


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Thanks for your reaction. At the moment i'm not using the BCR anymore (got into the eurorack addiction, pulled me right away from the computer) but i still have it lying around somewhere. I will try the script soon because it would still be nice to be able to use the BCR over all the available midi channels. If i find a way to make the bcr update properly on all different channels i'll let you know. Again, thanks for still commenting on the thread!


answered Mar 15 '19 at 09:17 by StudioBones (72)

got into the eurorack addiction

oh nooo lol, rip wallet. although Teenage Engineering is releasing a lot of affordable modular units now?

In that custom BCR2000 script, the "knob updating" function looks like it compares the hardware position to the mapped DAW parameter position, and if there is a difference, it updates the hardware position to mirror the current DAW position.

but for some reason it doesn't seem to be doing this properly upon loading a project, or even sometimes when loading device presets.

I'll have to look into it further.


answered Mar 16 '19 at 22:25 by Mannex17 (11)

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