asked Jul 01 '14 at 04:32 by benacio (26)

i just finished making a track and i dont know how to convert it to an mp3 file so i can upload it to Soundcloud. please advise.

Soundlcoud will always convert to 128kbit/s MP3 for streaming, no matter what file you upload. If downloads are enabled, people will have access to the original files as uploaded. Converting a lossy file to MP3 again, especially 128kbit/s MP3 will result in trans-coding errors and deteriorate the quality again. It's always best to upload a loss-less file to streaming services.


answered Aug 26 '17 at 07:25 by Cyler (356)

As far as I know you can upload wav or aiff files to Soundcloud, no need to convert to mp3 first. So just open your project, go to File > Export Audio, go through the export process and you're good to go.


answered Jul 01 '14 at 15:44 by fredrik (186)

i just did it and it worked. thanks alot for responding.


answered Jul 01 '14 at 16:44 by benacio (26)

export as wav convert to mp3 with audacity

  — (Dec 22 '14 at 02:27) BlackHoleNFO

The mp3 conversion of Soundcloud is probably not the best. It makes sense to convert it elsewhere prior to upload. You could for example use to let you track be mastered by an online algorithm. Matering to mp3 is entirely free there. Make sure to have plenty of headroom on your master track. Like -6db. Dont apply compression or limiting to your master. Make sure you finde the best balances for the faders of each track and don't forget to use panning and volume- and EQ-automation to make space for all the sound going on in your track. Good luck :-)


answered Mar 19 '15 at 15:12 by Ulrich (575)

guys l dont get cause l am pretty new at this thing so when l export the audio where l find it?and when l find it what do i do?


answered Feb 06 at 16:52 by babistso (11)

Babistso. You will find the file in the folder where you save it, with the name you gave to it. It is also written in the user manual: if you really are that new, I suggest you to read it. Fabrizio

  — (Feb 06 at 17:59) fsciarra62

I like to use ffmpeg to convert the .wav exports to multiple formats all at once. I make a 320kbps mp3 for anyone who wants a small portable file, and use FLAC for deployment to SoundCloud.

Cyler is right, SoundCloud will always transcode to their target streaming format, so use lossless. They have a helpful article about it here:


answered Feb 06 at 22:00 by voidshine (302)

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