asked Oct 28 '16 at 00:27 by hyenaz (11)

Has anyone managed to sync bitwig with video via xjadeo? I am working on a film project and would like to compose in Bitwig. Does anyone know how this is possible? Thanks Adrienne

Hello! xjadeo syncs via Jack Transport. Bitwig supports it also, so you can sync your tracks easily to video. Start both programs and they should find each other automatically and just be in sync! Maybe need to go to the Bitwig settings and turn Jack Transport support on, but I'm not sure actually. Try and you'll find out how it works!


answered Jan 18 '17 at 19:14 by heikkiket (11)

edited Jan 18 '17 at 19:15

Hello. Thanks but I did try it and the programs don't see each other automatically. If only it were so simple. Thanks for writing though. Adrienne

  — (Feb 02 '17 at 08:53) hyenaz

Just want to make sure: are you using and running Jack? If you use Bitwig with ALSA backend, I think Transport won't work.

Then: does Transport work with Bitwig? You can test it: there are Transport buttons in QJackCtl and if you run Bitwig with KXStudio, then Claudia has transport buttons. So please check that Bitwig can be controlled with those. If that works, then the problem is with XJadeo. Otherwise check Bitwig settings once again.

  — (Feb 02 '17 at 11:56) heikkiket

I have a similar problem, just trying to sync xjadeo to bitwig. anyone accomplished this already?` when i try syncing the two via jack, xjadeo runs when i play back bitwig. but not in sync. it just runs till i stop bitwig and will keep playing forward, regardless of the timeline...


answered Jul 22 '17 at 17:21 by kris (31)

hey there, i found the same problem, now i'm using that plugin ''Media Vst'' it works fine, you can give it a try


answered Apr 12 '18 at 03:05 by Senescence (21)

you run taht plugin on linux? would you explain the process?


answered Apr 12 '18 at 17:05 by kris (31)

Nop, I run it on Windows 7, , you can download the The Vsti here, and load it like any other plugin, it will sync video to sound automaticly. sorry for the late repy


answered Apr 23 '18 at 01:13 by Senescence (21)

There is something else worth mentioning, it didnt happen with me tho, if the video doesnt start, try making a long note in, it and it'll work.

  — (Apr 23 '18 at 01:23) Senescence

It s a windows Vst , so it wont run (natively, but maybe with wine emulated but usually not too stable) on linux. Linux is just a different operating system; think about it as if you want to install a program on windows from a dmg file. I think therefore here are so many posts about that "it s working" but as the title says it s for linux ;) thanks for your answer anyways! :)


answered Apr 23 '18 at 09:02 by kris (31)

the worst is there is no one who can tell if it's possible on not to use bitwig with xjadeo. Where is the bitwig team ?

I am disappointed that bitwig studio does not implement a video player... and a timeline in hh:mm:ss.


answered May 25 '18 at 17:30 by smo (23)

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