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I'm trying to figure out a way to make default mappings for all of my .vst plugins. I can right click on any device and open 'Edit Panel Mappings'. Here i can make parameter pages and fill them with the right parameters but i can't seem to map those parameters to my controller. Also in none of my device panels i can seem the 'Device mappings button' (little button looking like a cog). Neither when i open vst's or Bitwig's own synths. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that i'm unable to link parameters to my controllers in the 'edit panel mappings'?

Since you wrote "i'm unable to link parameters to my controllers in the 'edit panel mappings'", maybe there's a basic misunderstanding. The "link" (i.e. dataflow) between your hardware controls and the parameters defined in your Panel Mappings is realized by the controller script you're using. Apart from (once) manually populating your panel mapping pages for all your VSTs, everything thereafter should be handled by the controller script without additional actions by yourself.

So maybe it's just the script you're using which simply doesn't implement parameter page handling? Which script are we talking about?


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