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In Live, if you hit solo in a group or drum rack, the scope of that solo is for that group or rack only, not the entire project. It's a very important behavior in groups and one of the best features of Live. It allows you to set up multiple FX in parallel and solo them one by one while doing adjustments, until you figure which one works best. I do this all the time with channel reverbs and compressors. Then I keep the one I like and throw away all the other ones. In Bitwig, the solo scope is global, which means that you can't solo these modules while keeping the rest of the mix in context. It's really unhelpful for working with reverbs. Your only alrernative is to mess around with the mutes, which is slow and also means that an immediate compare and contrast is impossible.

Am I missing something that I could do to get the useful solo behavior? I tried modifier keys with no success. The only one that works is the Shift-Solo for exclusive solo, the scope of which is also for the entire project.

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