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I'm running an RME RayDAT card on Windows 7 64bit. This card has a total of 36 inputs and outputs. It comes with an onscreen console that allows the user to see everything that's being fed into it from the hardware or software inputs.

Anyway, the problem that I am seeing is that if you set up a few stereo output pairs in Bitwig, and then you take the master channel and start switching between them, Bitwig consistently leaves a DC offset on the channel that you switched out of. It looks like when you switch away from a channel, Bitwig just takes the last level value that it had going out to that chennel and holds it. It should go to zero instead. I can see that the output meter for that channel on the RME console gets stuck at a level. None of the other software, like ableton or fl or cubase, does this, it all works fine. When I quit Bitwig those stuck channels drop down to zero and everything is ok again, so that's a bug to be fixed.

I actually think there are two bugs here, because if I set up an external reverb with the Hardware FX module, then deactivate and reactivate the module, when the reverb comes in it emits a ping sometimes. That means that when the module is reactivated Bitwig just stopped sending it a level well above zero from when the module was inactive.

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