asked Nov 13 '16 at 20:38 by Dukester (11)

First off - I'm running windows ten on a new HP machine. I am having issues when running ASIO (or any analog input) in which the "audio" track will not see, or pick up any input no matter what is selected in the initial preferences boxes. Also when I select/arm the track, the selection of input (at the bottom left on the interface) sees an "input" but does not work. MIDI runs fine. All other functions such as output seem fine as well. For example: I am trying to input a guitar via a small Alesis USB mixer (which requires no driver) and I can't get BW to see the USB native codec for it ( my Cubase Mixcraft DAWS etc. see it though). Also - I have a Digitech RP355 pedal with a driver and it doesn't (the track that is) work even when the ASIO rp355 is selected in initial preferences. It gives me the error code mentioned in the title bar: ASIOCreatebuffers returned error code: Not present What am I missing? Not sure what's up. Help a brutha out please. I like the software and even purchsed a new Nektar but clearly it doesn't convince me to switch DAWs if it can't run a simple analog input. lol

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