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Couple of bugs in the multisamples:

1) Loaded up sampler with a bunch of samples. Selected all zones in the large display and chose clear zone. It deleted the zones, but the waveform display below still showed the waveform for the last sample I was looking at. I resized Bitwig to take a screenshot and the waveform display finally emptied itself out.

2) I'm using the midi note utility as a selector for drum samples on the samples map. The onscreen keyboard display shows some of the notes in solid green even though the notes ended. It looks like if you change notes with the note utility while a note is in progress, the onscreen midi keyboard is still looking for the midi end note message, and it's not listening for the end of audio event from the sampler itself, so it has no way to restore the key on the onscreen keyboard to the off state. Eventually you get to a point where all the notes on the onscreen keyboard are on and you can't tell which ones you are triggering anymore.

2) This bug is rather annoying. Makes it difficult to find the right sample when various samples are lit green, when they shouldn't be.

Also, start/end point "snap to zero crossing" option in Sampler would be a big thing.


answered Dec 12 '16 at 14:19 by mgaw (268)

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