asked Nov 21 '16 at 00:04 by amg56 (505)

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As the title says, it would help to have a modifier key to collapse/expand all branches when clicking in browser. In the audio file browser, it would also speed things up to have the Packages directory collapsed by default. Most users have their own preexisting sample libraries that they head to 99% of the time, and these get added as custom locations. Having the Packages branch open just means more clicks. Alternatively, it might be useful to give the user a preference to make the browser only keep one branch or subbranch open at a time.

Another modifier that would be very useful is an Alt-drag to make a sample go into the arrangement view or a clip as Raw instead of Stretch. Currently one has to remember to switch each sample to raw, and then you have to fix the end of the sample every time.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be obnoxious, I really like Bitwig better than other DAWs. I just needs some more fixes and some polish on the details.

Agreed. I'm using bitwig 1 right now, don't know if thats been addressed in bitwig 2.


answered Dec 18 '17 at 07:47 by Callmemvp (21)

Absolute yes. (

Collapse/expand folders seems like a small thing, but it annoys me everytime..kinda trying to get around it by using favorites but still, it's not the same.


answered Dec 18 '17 at 12:25 by mgaw (228)

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