asked Nov 23 '16 at 07:42 by parkingsun (11)

I'm trying to implement a custom conrol script for a client; but I cannot find documentation on exactly which javascript engine it is running. I would prefer not to work it out by trial and error. Are there any hints?

There's a nashorn.jar in their lib/ext folder, so I'd assume Nashorn to be used. Language-wise, you will be limited to good old JavaScript 1.6 features, I think ;)


answered Nov 23 '16 at 11:53 by bufobufo (146)

Well spotted, bufobufo! At least, that is recent enough AFAICT that I could theoretically use babeljs to transpile from fancier modern JS, if I could work out how to make it work with the expected Script API set up. Hmmm.

  — (Nov 24 '16 at 00:55) parkingsun

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