asked Nov 25 '16 at 12:48 by AlBird (0)

Hey guys,

is there a possibility to keep a Plug-In window on top when switching to another channel? I'd love to have my Master-Metering open on the second screen all the time, but everytime i switch to a differen t channel of course it vanishes....

this is killing me!

please help....It's just gotta be an option somewhere i guess...

best Al

you can move the device panel up top?


answered Nov 26 '16 at 08:29 by mattymelton (11)

what do you mean with 'move the device panel up top?'

I want the Plug-in Window of a third party plug-in to stay open even if i switch to a different channel...

  — (Nov 26 '16 at 08:54) AlBird

if i create two audio tracks i put the same exact third party plugin on track 1 and track 2 i move the two plugins to the top of screen i switch between the tracks and the plugins stay exactly where they are im in arranger view mode - one monitor / screen though - windows 10 64bit bitwig

  — (Nov 26 '16 at 09:06) mattymelton

got you...but that's not what i want...

i have a metering device on my master channel, i want this meter-window to be open all the time, so i can see what's going on there.

  — (Nov 26 '16 at 09:10) AlBird

That could maybe be in your video card settings It could be under your video card settings / the dual monitor view mode configuration

I'd email Bitwig support see what they say


answered Nov 26 '16 at 09:29 by mattymelton (11)

ok, i will try that...thanks mate

  — (Nov 29 '16 at 15:56) AlBird

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