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First of all, stacked groups in this case means something like this image:

alt text

Now this is the project I'm having a trouble with. Case 1:

alt text

"All Insts" has Note receiver & VolumeShaper 4 and "Hall" track has Note receiver, ValhallaRoom & VolumeShaper. Now if I press solo on any tracks in the lowest groups (bass main, Hit or winnel...), others from "All Insts" are muted but the "Drums" group still plays.

So I tested it in other project like this. Case 2.

alt text

Group B 2 has Note Receiver and ValhallaRoom track has... You know.

But this time the result differed in 2 ways. (In both case Track B was in solo mode, Track A/B sent to ValhallaRoom reverb track.)

  1. Note Receiver (Receiving Track A) in "Group B 2" : Track A muted, Track B also muted, ValhallaRoom playing Track B
  2. No plugins in "Group B 2" : All worked as intended

So now I just chaned the project like this and all worked fine.

alt text

it looks like there's a problem with Note Receiver in stacked groups, but I still don't know what's the problem with the drums still playing in Case 1. Or I'm just a complete idiot.

EDIT: Seperating All Insts Group did nothing. Problem still exists, Note Receiver messed up everything.

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