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This request has, obviously, been asked before, but some time has gone by and it might be a good thing to hash out again: Bitwig would benefit from having native Rewire support. We can use Rewire VST to connect up Reason into Bitwig, but it will not work for Synfire, and, further, it doesn't help if there is a need to hook up Bitwig to Cubase or another host. Rewire helped other fledgling DAWs get their footing in the market by allowing them to be used in combination with other well-established DAWs, so in general, from a marketing perspective, it's a good feature.

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answered May 05 '17 at 23:41 by willhyde91 (19)

Rewire, freeze and track comping/auto playlistint like in studio one. Then it would be perfection.


answered May 18 '17 at 06:54 by willhyde91 (19)

The way to solve this currently is to use the Rewire VST plugin from energyXT. It costs about $32, gives you 8 channels of returns from the Rewire slave - 1 stereo channel and 6 mono. I just gang up the 6 mono into 3 stereo pairs in Bitwig.

I've been using it to wire up Reason into Bitwig and it works fine. It doesn't work for Cognitone Synfire, which is the reason why I asked for the native integration. Honestly, I can't remember what the shortcoming with Synfire integration was at this point, it's been some months since I tested that configuration.

In sum, it would be preferable to have a built-in Rewire module with more channels, but Rewire VST lets you solve the problem now for some of the most important uses, like slaving Reason or Live.


answered May 23 '17 at 18:23 by amg56 (717)

I've used Rewire VST for a couple of months, but today I have a large project where it consistently crashes the Bitwig Engine when I try to open the dropdown in Rewire VST, where I would get to start a Rewire slave. It crashes when it tries to open the dropdown, before I get a chance to pick the slave. This is on Windows 10/64 with BW 2.1. Rewire VST still works fine in my most basic starter template, so there is something in the larger template that's interacting poorly with it. Still wish there was a native solution that was totally stable.


answered May 30 '17 at 00:58 by amg56 (717)

We're sorry, but as mentioned in the FAQ, ReWire support is currently not planned for Bitwig Studio.


answered May 31 '17 at 18:03 by dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

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Thank you for your answer Mr. Dom! I am thinking about getting a Motu Ultralite AVB Interface for re-routing Bitwig Audio into Digital Performer. But how do I sync both DAWs ? Rewire does both, as far as I can remember. Sync and Audio Routing. But the Midi-Clock Mode in Bitwig does not seem to work properly, as it is said in the other posts. Are there any other syncing options for syncing with major DAWs? Ableton Link does not seem to be supported yet, by those DAWs...


answered Mar 28 '19 at 17:12 by micsinger (11)

Get ReWire VST from Energy XT. You load it as a VST and it acts as a bridge to ReWire complete with sync. There are other options that do the same thing but are more configurable and complex, like Bidule. You'll have to test them until you find a solution that works for you.


answered Mar 28 '19 at 20:33 by amg56 (717)

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Thanks! Great Idea! I have had a look at Energy XT already. But it seems to deliver Hosting cappabilities for Rewire Slaves like Reason, only? I wrote the support already, in order to confirm it. I want to habe Bitwig as a slave Instead, for Digital Performer as Host. I guess it will not work.

I do not care about how complex it is. I apprecciate any suggestions. And for sure do I know, that there is JACK Router and the Soundflower-Drivers. But both haven't seen any updates on Mac for a long time. I need something stable. DDMF metaplugin sounds good. I have to figure out that one. Haven't heard about t before.


answered Mar 28 '19 at 20:56 by micsinger (11)

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@amg56 can you please describe us, how you would do this rewire thing with DDMF Metaplugin? I had just a look at it, and I cannot figure out how this should work. It has a totally different intention.


answered Mar 28 '19 at 22:59 by micsinger (11)

Sorry, I got confused, the one you'd want is Bidule. Bidule has a Rewire component you can pull in. You can point that component to Reason, for example, routing the MIDI in and audio outs, then make that the default config of Bidule in Bitwig, and, presto, you thereafter can have a one-click setup to Reason or whatever Rewire slave you want in Bitwig.

DDMF Metaplugin and Bidule are superficially very similar routing tools, so sometimes I get them confused, but Bidule has many more features, most importantly the ReWire module.


answered Mar 29 '19 at 00:22 by amg56 (717)

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