asked Dec 01 '16 at 19:40 by roddymack1984 (61)

The undo function does not work on vst plugins. It works fine oon bitwig devices but does not work on any vst plugins. Does any one else have this problem or know how to fix it?

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This is not a bug roddy. To my knowledge, there isn't a single DAW that implements undo on VST plugins. These plugins are third party software, and the VST API wasn't explicitly designed to support undo. Reason can pull off undos it but it doesn't use VST.


answered Dec 02 '16 at 04:38 by amg56 (225)

It works in ableton.

  — (Dec 02 '16 at 06:51) roddymack1984

I stand corrected, you are right. Checked with Live and Spire, it works.

  — (Dec 02 '16 at 14:44) amg56

Seriously, when will Bitwig fix this?


answered Jan 20 at 01:20 by alexssung (11)

would be great. It works fine on Ableton and FL Studio. Its a fast workflow if you put Undo/Redo on a multibutton mouse :)


answered Apr 17 at 23:33 by Meloverse (41)

edited Apr 17 at 23:35

+1 I agree


answered Apr 18 at 17:32 by Ton-ish (393)

Yes, at this point, after trying out some additional competing DAWs, I have to say this is one feature I'm missing badly. Studio One stepped up their undo functionality in their 3.5 release, and it's really helpful.


answered Jul 08 at 04:55 by amg56 (225)

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