asked Dec 02 '16 at 13:15 by midigadgets (11)

I tried the Bitwig demo, and liked it. I bought the product and very quickly discovered this problem. I am not pleased. It didn't show up when running the demo because saving is disabled until you pay.

I was writing a piece of music for drums ( using a Native Instruments 'Kontakt' VST ) and three saxophones ( Tenor, Alto, and Soprano, using separate instances of 'Swam - The Saxophones' from 'Samplemodeling' ). All went fine until I closed Bitwig ... now whenever I open the project again, the three saxophone VSTs crash and burn and Bitwig is rendered useless.

While the project is open and in this useless state, I can drag the three saxophone MIDI parts to new tracks, and assign each to new instances of the Tenor, Alto, and Soprano instruments ... then delete the 'dead' instrument tracks and it all plays fine ... but if I save the project / close it / reopen it again, then these three VSTs crash Bitwig again.

I've tried the various VST engine settings of "Each plug-in" and "32-bit / 64-bit" ... this just makes the VST engine crash 3 times ( for each saxophone ) or 1 time ( for all 64 bit instruments ).

Someone suggested elsewhere that it only happened in full-screen mode ... in my case it happens full-screen, maximised, or as a smaller window.

There is absolutely no problem doing exactly the same thing when using Ableton.

I'm running Win 7 64 bit with ASIO4ALL, and the latest version of Bitwig ( downloaded 7 days ago ).

I have even tried a bare-metal recovery of the PC to factory state where nothing but the OS was installed, then adding ASIO4ALL, Bitwig ( but not the Bitwig downloadable packs ), Kontakt + instruments, and the Saxophones suite ( so not Ableton, or Reaper, or any Steinberg instruments etc.. ).

Any ideas before I ask for a refund ?

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