asked Dec 02 '16 at 21:30 by Ott (174)

Will there be a convolution reverb device? I've tried many VSTs, but most of them are far too clunky for my liking. Ideally I'd like something that does the same thing as Fruity Convolver.

Thanks for the feature wish. I do believe such a device is on the to-do list for the future.

  — (Dec 07 '16 at 10:20) fredrik

+1, I would really appreciate native convolution reverb device with ability to save IR file within the project file.


answered Apr 19 '17 at 19:11 by Enrize (141)

Up vote from me. I feel like this, along with some granular toys, should have been implemented before "treemonster".


answered Apr 21 '17 at 00:23 by importjingles (31)

+1 yep, a convolver device with loadable IR could be really nice!


answered Jul 30 '17 at 20:51 by xs (11)

+1, yes please :)


answered Aug 07 '17 at 10:44 by antic604 (409)

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